Motor oil

Ultra 10W60 Synthetic

Fully synthetic high performance engine oil. This product meets the highest standards for racing and standard road use in petrol and diesel engines.

The combination of high quality base oil optimized with additives results in an extended viscosity range for extra protection. Even at a continuous maximum engine load and high speed. The fast oil distribution ensures maximum protection against engine wear, even at low temperatures. This oil also contributes to better fuel consumption.

  • Extended viscosity range provides extra protection. Even at a continuous maximum load on the engine.
  • Excellent wear protection and maximum engine protection. Reduces gum formation on the valves and supports an optimal functioning of the systems.
  • Best possible motor protection due to a constant stable lubrication film. Even under extreme conditions.
  • Very good dispersion prevents the formation of oil sludge.
  • Optimised high temperature viscosity meets the latest and highest requirements of leading car manufacturers.
  • Excellent and trouble-free cold start of the engine due to fast oil circulation.
  • Excellent fuel saving properties due to special friction reducing additives.
  • Reduces the emission of CO2 and particulate matter.
Specifications / industrial standards
  • ACEA A3/B4
Product specifications
Product code 42110060
EAN code n/a
Content 60 litre ℮ (also available in other packaging)
 Motor oils
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