Black Silicone Seal

Black Silicone Seal is a heat-resistant, one-component sealant. Vulcanizes under the influence of air humidity and forms an elastic mass.

It can be used to seal a wide range of materials (e.g. metal, plastic, glass, porcelain, painted wood surfaces) in engines, transmissions, differentials, end caps, valve covers, water pumps, battery houses, headlights, vehicles, containers, factories and heating installations as well as in air conditioning systems.

  • Isocyanate silicone and solvent-free.

  • Bonds and seals most materials.

  • Forms permanent flexible waterproof seal.

  • Applied to horizontal or vertical surfaces.

  • Superior adhesion and flexibility.

  • Insulates.

  • Unaffected by vibration.

Product specifications
Product code 51010200
EAN code 8719689581077
Content 200 ml ℮
Box 12 pieces
Pallet content 100 boxes
Black Silicon Seal
Technical Datasheet
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