How does an air conditioning work?

25 September 2019


Nowadays, most vehicles are equipped with an air conditioning system. But what is the function of an air conditioning system? And how does it work?

The working of an air conditioning system:

An air conditioning is a complex system. There is a refrigerant (R134A) inside the system and this is powered by a pump which is powered by the motor. The refrigerant is gaseous and is compressed in a condenser by the pump, due to this the temperature rises. The condenser is actually a heat exchanger, the refrigerant is cooled here, causing this to condensate and become liquid.
The liquid refrigerant goes to the condenser, where the refrigerant becomes gaseous. Heat is needed for condensing. The heat is withdrawn from the surroundings. Therefor the condenser cools down and the flowing air to the interior decreases. Then the refrigerant goes back to the pump as a gas and the cycles start again.


Condensation of the refrigerant takes place in the condenser, which necessarily needs heat. The heat is withdrawn from the case of the condenser, causing it to strongly cool down. The suctioned air is guided to the cooling lamellae of the condenser, where the moisture out of the relative warm air condenses and the air cools down. The humid environment is the ideal habitat for the development of micro-organisms such as bacteria, fungi and yeasts. If the air conditioning is switched on the micro-organisms, together with the cold air, is blown into your vehicle. A very unpleasant smell is spread through your vehicle.

Air conditioning cleaning: Yes a  given necessity.  Is not seasonal. Our advice: clean at least twice a year.

Unfortunately, less attention is given to cleaning an air conditioning system in the fall and winter period. Because, for example, demisting of a fogged windscreen is remedied  it gives the feeling that the air conditioning works fine. Often a customer only comes to the garage once a year for maintenance. If this is in the fall than there is a big chance that the air conditioning system is not treated against yeast, fungi and bacteria. Therefore the chance on an unhygienic, stale air conditioning is considerably large.
Ask your garage holder explicitly to plan for at least two appointments to clean the air conditioning system of your vehicle. Then you can be more than certain that you are protected against harmful micro-organism.

It’s not rocket science to know that an air conditioner provides cool air in the spring and summer, but also in the fall and winter a proper functioning air conditioner is very important. A properly working air conditioner makes sure that fogged windows are demisted as quickly as possible. This  increases the safety to a great extent.

Bacterial growth increased due to higher humidity

It is thus of interest to have your air conditioner in your vehicle cleaned in a professional manner at least twice a year. Bacteria in the condenser and the air channels are removed because of this. The chance on bacterial growth is the largest at a high humidity. Think of getting into your vehicle with wet clothes or after a walk in the woods with the dog.

A fresh and healthy environment in your vehicle:

By cleaning the interior and the whole air conditioning systems by Air conditioner Foam Treatment a fresh and healthy environment in your vehicle is provided, ensuring that all passengers feel at ease and the driver stays vivid and alert, also during long trips.